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Thank you Stefan! I have been checking back to see when that company will have some for sale.  I look forward to purchasing one from the next batch

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stefan@fis-control wrote:
Sven77 wrote:

This is good news. Will it be possible for me 2 help u develope firmware for different vag brands?

Do you have any information about the CAN bus protocols?

I do have quite alot of info on CAN bus protocols, i will be more then willing 2 share with you.

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I am wiling to buy one of these, depending the price is right.


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Hey Stefan!

I wish I could speak/read German so I could follow along in the other threads on this forum.  I was wondering if you could post another update as to the progress on FIS-Control going commercial?

I'm still looking to get one of these, and would like to know if you have any updated estimate timeframe as to when you'll have these for sale again


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Hi Bob,

I try to have all "important" information also available in English, see here:

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Hello, Stefan!
I have read about your fis-control and I'm very interested in it!
You writen that you published the PCB layout. Whre can I get it? Will it works with Audi A6 C5? Will it works with latest firmware?
I'd like to mke a simple compact device for my car without extra sensors and power relay.

Thank you,

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Hi Alex,

the FIS-Control works in the Audi A6 C5.

The Turbozentrum Berlin got the exclusive rights from me to manufacture the FIS-Control. Therefore I will not support DIY projects. The PCB layout is no longer available for download. And even with the PCB layout, it wouldn't be possible to build a working FIS-Control, because you don't have the complete firmware. The firmware that is released on my website is not enough.