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Hey Stefan!

I wish I could speak/read German so I could follow along in the other threads on this forum.  I was wondering if you could post another update as to the progress on FIS-Control going commercial?

I'm still looking to get one of these, and would like to know if you have any updated estimate timeframe as to when you'll have these for sale again



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Thank you Stefan! I have been checking back to see when that company will have some for sale.  I look forward to purchasing one from the next batch


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That's great news, thanks for the update Stefan!


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Thanks again Stefan.  Once I can verify I can source all of the parts on your list, I'll order some boards and start fabbing!


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I can pull a parts list thru Eagle, but it's rather obfuscated as I'm sure you know.  smile


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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for replying to my email just a bit ago and sending me the hardware schematic.  I figured I would register and post here, for others that may have the same questions I have.

I opened the BRD PCB file you sent me via email, thank you.  Where can I find further information with a parts list and wiring diagrams of the cable sets?  I still think you have the best solution out there, and I am willing to give it a go,  building my own.  If you're willing to offer pre-loaded micro controllers, I would like to attempt to build a PCB from the information you published.

Thanks again

- Bob