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Hi Stefan,

I am trying to log the ECU via a tool from my tuner.  It connects via USB to the OBDII port and has a windows based software.
It keeps failing to log the ECU or even connect to it if the engine is running.  Strange, since I was able to read the ECU when the engine is not running.  Is FIS-control interfering with it?

If so, is there a way to work around this to allow the logging via the OBDII port?


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Hi Stefan,

I put in the 192 unit and it is very stable.  So I wonder if there is something the 193 unit does with the US firmware that somehow FIS does not like.  Not sure where to go from here, I will share this information with Stuart and see if he finds anything based on this information.


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Sure, I tried it out before with a 192 RNS-E and it worked.  Maybe I did not test it enough.  Both units run the same firmware.  I will test it without any RNS-E and then with the 192 unit.

Stuart tells me that changes the CANID that the RNS-E sends to the cluster on.  Will share once I do some testing.


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I have 2 presents, one turbo, and the other with a collection of 6 readings.  It freezes on both but in no predictable time.   I tried to do a lot of changes on the screen by going to the user mods menu and moving a lot, and I managed to make it freeze.  I also switched between the two presets fast, and again made it freeze.

Then I went for a short ride, and left it in the preset with a collection.  It froze after a few minutes.

Sounds like it has something to do with the refresh rate...


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Yes, it is as you describe: IF: MONO NAV


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Hi Stefan,

Stuart is a top guy.  He got me firmware that works on the units I have.
The FIS-control works for a few minutes then the screen freezes.

I followed the instructions that Stuart detailed: Settings→User Mods→CAN Bridge.

Can you help me debug this?



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Hi Stefan,

I just installed the RNS-E.

The site you mentioned: https://rnse.pcbbc.co.uk/downloads_na.php does not offer Firmware for North America.
I contacted Stuart and offering to help him test any NA firmware on my car.

Is there another solution?  I saw this: https://fis-control.de/punBB/viewtopic.php?id=470 , I trust it refers to this:

Right now, I do not see FIS-Control, or Navigation information in the DIS.


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Sure Stefan.  I will take some time over the weekend to make a few files, then do a write up about it.

I do have an RNS-E that I will retrofit.  Anything I need to do so that my FIS-Control continues to work?


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I got it to work.  This was helpful.  Many thanks.
Say, is there a good file as a starting point I can use?
There are many nice features, so I was thinking to start from a template.


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Understood.  I used the telematics option, instead of Navigation.  My mistake.  Holding the down key of the wiper control stalk while turning on the ignition and then pressing the up button one time does not seem to work for me.  I tried it a few times, and cannot get the menu to show.  I will see if I can find an Android phone and use it instead.

To be clear, turning on the ignition means to start the car?


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Yes, I do not have a navigation system installed.  I set channel 62 to 7 and I was able to see the menu.
Next, I followed the video : Configuration of the FIS-Control , and uploaded the file.  Now I do not see the menu at all.
Any ideas on how to get the menu to show up again?


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I got the FIS-Control unit installed to the cluster.  Next, I am trying to set it up.

I tried both with VCDS and WBH-Diag to go into instruments and change channel 62 to 15 as per the manual.  Both systems give me an error when I try that value.  If I read it again, I get the original value set, which is 3.  I can increase the value up to 8, but no more.

Do I have to change the soft coding, too?  As is, the soft coding is 07244.  But I am unable to change that as well.  I attempted to change it to 23244 but again when I go back to read the value it is unchanged.

My cluster number is 8N1 920 980

Appreciate any hints.  I spent about 2 hours so far, reading and watching anything I can find that is related.

Many thanks.