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Hi Stefan

Thanks for a fantastic product, it was just what my car needed smile
I just updated my firmware to 04-10-2015 and was looking for the Tuning MAP selector funktion.
I only found you wrote to "Press Up" in ECU Info in the FW release note, but it does not do anything?
I have 3 maps I normally select in Engine ECU Softcoding via VCDS
00140 - Optimized
00100 - Standard max 4500 rpm
00002 - 100% Standard

Can you share some light on this subject?

A cool feature for the future could be that it change startlogo depending on the map chosen smile

Regards, Michael

Golf IV TDI AHF 07/1999 - FIS Control 2.x - FW: 04.10.2015

Re: Tuning MAP selector


at the moment I expect that the coding is one of the following:

So the FIS-Control checks if the current coding is one of the above. Then it offers to choose a new coding out of these.

Do you know a way, how the FIS-Control could detect a specific ECU to offer the correct coding options?
Is it enough to compare the VAG partnumber. I could also check the "component description text".

The idea with the startlogo is really cool. But this would mean, that the FIS-Control had to read out the soft coding of the ECU before showing the startlogo. That would take too long.

Re: Tuning MAP selector

Ahh I see, that makes sense.

You would think so, but I'm not 100% sure you can compare the partnumbers to figur out what softcoding are used.
But what about using custom menus so user can set coding them self?

New Changeable Menus (if set to 00000 = Not visible in menu below)
--------------------------------------------------------> CUSTOM MAP1 --> 00100
--------------------------------------------------------> CUSTOM MAP2 --> 00140

New Selectable menu
----------------------------------> CUSTOM MAP1
----------------------------------> CUSTOM MAP2

I hope it makes sense.

Regards, Michael

Golf IV TDI AHF 07/1999 - FIS Control 2.x - FW: 04.10.2015

Re: Tuning MAP selector

Maybe make a 2nd changeable menu under each map with value 0 to 9 (0 = no startlogo change)

Sets start logo upon selecting a map in ECU menu (no need to read ecu coding on start)

If start logo is manually changed later it overwrites the logo set by ECU map until changed again.

Again I hope it makes sense smile

Regards, Michael

Golf IV TDI AHF 07/1999 - FIS Control 2.x - FW: 04.10.2015

Re: Tuning MAP selector

Yes, this pefectly makes sense. I will put this feature request on my todo list.

Re: Tuning MAP selector

Hai Stefan,

Kannst Du zu dem Feature:

"Tuning map selector for EDC15 (press the Up key in the ECU-Info screen)"

mal ein bischen was sagen oder einen Link posten.

Ist das so ähnlich wie bei älteren gechippten VW's,
wo man über den Lenkstockhebel den M-Stg Flash
auswählen konnte (also zB. zwischen standard und

Eine EDC 15 habe ich ja im A6 drin.......

Oder ist das für was komplett anderes gedacht?

Audi A6 / BDG 2,5 TDI Bj 2003 // Mj 2004 Bekennender FIS-Control Junky ;ö))
Jetzt auch mit A6 4G Avant Bj 2013 BiTu unterwegs // Fzg. nicht mehr ohne Mods ;ö))

Neuste Errungenschaft: VW Passat B8 R-Line Mj 2016 mit "allem" (außer HUD und Pano) als Daily Driver. Nur sehr wenige Mods nötig ;ö))))

Re: Tuning MAP selector

Genau darum geht es. Wenn du mehrere Kennfelder in deinem EDC15 hast, kannst du die mit dem FIS-Control auswählen.