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I have recently installed a FIS-Control and am learning how to set it up in the way I like it.

My car (TT 225 Mk 1, BAM motor) does not have an oil temperature gauge.  So there is no group or value I can tap into in my engine module which will produce oil temp on the screen.  I guess this means an external sensor?  I believe there is a blank port on the oil filter bracket.

My second question is more about data blocks available from my engine module, so it really is not about FIS-Control at all.  According to Ross Tech's chart of "Standardised" measuring block groups (, there should be a group 134 which includes oil, intake, ambient and coolant temps.  This would be useful, but there is no group 134 available on my car.  Is this unusual?  My engine module also has no label files at all

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Are you sure that there is no oil temp sensor installed in your car? Sometimes the oil temperature is available in group 50 of the instrument cluster.

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I've been through every value on vcds (latest version, Ross-Tech OBD interface) which is called "temp".  Since there are no label files on my engine module, I made a note of all "temp" values - 22 in all (some groups had more than one "temp".  I cycled through each of these looking for a value which rose more slowly than Water temp but finished around the same level.  There was none.  All 22 values are either Water Temp, EGT or Intake Air Temp (although some didn't move at all).

I also looked for an extra sensor on the oil filter housing but nothing there.  However, there is at least one blank port so I will hang an oil temp sensor there as well as an oil pressure sensor.  I really like to know what my engine is doing!

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Ha ha - I was wrong about this - at least for the TT.  I couldn't find an oil temp reading anywhere on the engine controller, and since the TT doesn't have an oil temp gauge (unlike the b5 A4 of similar vintage), I assumed it wasn't included in the outputs.

However, I discovered one in the Instruments group (17 on the TT).  It is even labelled 'Oil Temperature' on vcds, but I checked its values to make sure.  It behaves exactly how you would expect oil temp to behave.  I don't know why they included it since there is no gauge, and no obvious reason for the ecu to read oil temp.  Maybe it was cheaper to leave it in the spec than to delete it!

(EDIT) I've just re-read this thread and realised this is exactly the advice Stefan gave back in April.  Controller 17, Block 50.