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Sadly, while changing my clocks for ones with less screen fade not only the purple locking tab on the adapter snapped, but also the lug it fits over sad Now the plug doesn't lock in place which causes some real issues it turns out.....

Whats the likelihood of getting a replacement cable sent out? My cars a mk4 golf btw

Re: Replacement Cables

Hi, I have some spare parts.

Is there something that could help you? I can send it to you.

Re: Replacement Cables

The circled bit would be great, especially with the purple tab, assuming its an easy swap on the adapter? Missing my FIS control after a week haha

Re: Replacement Cables

So actually you only need the purple tab, right? I have many of the blue connectors left. The purple tab is the same for all connectors, so you could replace your tab with one of the blue connectors easily.
I can send you some of them. You only need to pay 5 Euros for the shipping.
I will send your my PayPal account via email.

Edit: I just read your first post again. So you also need the green housing. I can also include one.