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There are four issues I need advice on.  I hope you don’t mind if I post them all at once as they are all related.

1.  Is it possible to convert my lambda display to AFR?  Also to reduce the number of decimal places?

2.  I would like to increase the lambda/AFR interbyte delay so it is possible to read the number on the screen.  At present it just flickers and is almost unreadable.  I have increased it to the maximum delay allowable – 255 tenths of m/seconds, which increases the delay from 5 milliseconds to 25.  These fast rates of data despatch may be useful for logging, but they are too quick for a visual display. 

3.  I have also tried to set up a line graph as an alternative for lambda data, with a maximum (top limit) value of 1.16 and a bottom limit value of 0.6.  The baseline obviously is 1.00.  However, while this produces unbroken top and bottom lines and a dotted line in the middle, no data line appears on the screen.  Sometimes the display disappears altogether, with a message something like “Breakdown in Communications.  Cannot show data” (I forgot to write it down at the time).

4.  I would like (much) bigger-size numbers on the screen – more like the size of those on the factory Board Computer.  My close-up eyesight is not so good any more and I need reading glasses to read the tiny numbers on the screen when the roof is open and the sun is bright.  It’s slightly better if you set the View to Single Reading, but still too small.

Thank you


Re: Several questions - Lambda/AFR, font size

Hi Kerry!

1. Both is not possible at the moment. But I will put it on my todo list.

2. The FIS-Control is optimized to give the fastest update rates possible. Does your car have a wide band or narrow band O2 sensor?

3. Communication errors to a control unit are mainly caused by wrong OBD timing settings. You set the interbyte delay very high. Does it help to reduce it to the default value of 50?

4. The FIS-Control uses the fonts that are available for navigation systems and radios. Unfortunately the larger fonts that the board computer uses are not selectable by external devices like the FIS-Control. The font you see in the Single Value Reading is the biggest one.

Edit: Just saw that I have (1) already on my todo list ;-)

Re: Several questions - Lambda/AFR, font size

Hi Stefan

Thanks for these answers.  Q.2 - I have wideband.  Q.3 - No.. I tried that.  I'll keep experimenting!