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Topic: EGT model K probe

Good morning to you, or just mounted the Fis-Counter on my golf 5 that works for perfection, now I should add an EGT probe and connect it to the Fis-Control inputs.


can you tell me which EGT model K probe, I would need to buy, or see many models on the web, but I would not want to make a mistake about ... to be in full compatibility with Fis-Control.

thanks to everyone for the advice.

Re: EGT model K probe

Hi, I can't give a recommendation for a specific sensor. Actually every Type-K thermocouple should work with the FIS-Control.
Just look that your probe is intended for installation in a car as EGT probe.

Re: EGT model K probe

I consulted the site Turbozentrum, and i think i buy q posted in the link

https://www.turbozentrum.de/en/universa … r/a-75410/

Re: EGT model K probe

Stefan, reading the Fis-Control manual says to rewrite the Tachograph, with a velvet over 16000 .. I attach the coding of the picture of my encoder's tachograph...


my Golf 5 mounts RNS 510 navigation system...
from what I read on the manual says to sum up the numbers ...

1 = radio
2 = telephone
4 = navigation system
8 = telematics

I'm just about to buy a bluetooth module at my RNS 510, please describe the correct encoding for my tachograph ??

Re: EGT model K probe

For the Golf 5 there is no need to recode anything in order to use the FIS-Control.
I don't know if you have to change something for the Bluetooth module.