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Topic: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac


FISControl installation without any pb , and configuration with a MacBook and a soft named Serial https://www.decisivetactics.com/products/serial/ , no problem , no need of an Android smartphone, I dont finished gauges configuration yet


I'll post an how to do this evening

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Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

Hi , so procedure for Mac users , for PC users I think it is easily possible via serial modem soft without Android Smartphone

First , download Serial https://www.decisivetactics.com/products/serial/ , you have 7 days free trial and after it cost 30 $
I have tried ZOC ( dont recognize bluetooth devices or I dont understand the way to connect and very complicated ) and ZTERM ( obsolete , doesnt work with MacOS 10.12 )
First of all , when you put ignition ON you have 30 sec for pairing FIS-Control, PIN code is 1234
For pairing FIS-control device via bluetooth connection with your Mac , go to Bluetooth pref , wait FIS-control appears, then try to pair it , need a few attemps sometime
Then cut ignition and put it on again, launch Serial , choose FIS-Control and connect , no need to enter some special pref , dont change defaults pref
IMPORTANT : when you type commands, they dont appears in terminal window , it is normal, terminal window only displays answer of FIS-Control.
You have a terminal window of FIS-Control connected, immediatly type in upper case, ALL COMMANDS ARE IN UPPER CASE, type : VERSION and press "enter" on your keyboard, FIS-Control will answer version of your device and then bluetooth connection is permanent
You have to delete previous firmware , type always upper case : DELETE FIRMWARE and "enter" --> Firmware deleted , turn OFF and ON ignition , connect FIS-Control , it send message waiting for firmware and CCCCCCC..... , go to file menu of Serial, select ' Send File" choose XMODEM protocol and Send , it takes a few mn for upload
Then switch ignition OFF/ON, connect to FIS-Control , type : SEND SETTINGS, answer : waiting for file CCCCCC... , FIle nenu, Send File, choose fis_control.dat file you created with the Konfigurator and press " enter", choose XMODEM and file is transfered, at the end of transfer, type "enter" again , then type : SEND BACKGROUND etc ... same procedure , then : SEND NEEDLES etc ...
And that's all , it works

Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

Perfect. Thanks.

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Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

With pleasure

Just a few questions , dont find needle.pld for editing ? Only background.pld
Is it necessary to delete settings, background or needles before upload a new one ?
What is bottom left corner temperature ?


Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

To create a needle just open a new PNG file with the imaging software you like.
Make sure that you have a transparent background color.

No, you don't need to delete settings, background or needles. The uploaded file will overwrite the current one.

The temperature at the left corner is the CPU temperature of the FIS-Control MMI. It shouldn't go above 80°C. Else you should find a cooler location for the FIS-Control box. I will hide the temperature in the coming firmware versions and just display a warning if the temp gets too high. But actually I have not seen any critical temps, even in this hot summer.

Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

OK thanks, If I customize gauges, red dot position for max value is not customizable I presume ? So I have to take care of its position and circular motion to draw my gauges ?

Re: FIS-control MMI config with a Mac

I will at least add an option to disable the red dots.
For now, just configure the position of the red dot to be 3 pixels away from the needle.