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I saw an email from Stefan that was posted to the Audi TT forum a while ago about compatibility with Nav systems.  If I understand correctly one would need to build a CAN interface to filter out the Nav system's CAN messages.  I've been doing a little sniffing on the bus and the NAV system puts out quite a few different messages.  Am I right in thinking that I would only need to filter out the ones that affect the display?  As far as I can tell these are the ones with IDs; 0x56F, 0x604, 0x6C0, 0x6C1, 0x6C4, 0x6C5.  The first two seem to have something to do with blanking the display and the last 4 seem to be the actual display data.  I'm not entirely sure I'm right because the display data seems to be encoded (some sort of compression algorithm?) and I can't make sense of it.  Or am I completely wrong?

At the time there was quite a bit of interest in your product but many people have NAV systems in their cars and I think this put them off.  If I manage to make a system to filter out the NAV messages I'll post details on the Audi forum board.


John Millward

Re: RNS e Compatibility

Hi John, thanks for you input.

I developed such a CAN filter board a while ago. See here: … 3507#p3507
It is actually only considering the 0x6C0 and 0x6C1 messages. Because these are the messages that are in conflict with the FIS-Control.

Together with some help from the German forum, we do group buys for the CAN filter hardware from time to time. Last batch was built last month.