Topic: Question about Firmware, Measure View in Preset, Log Datetime

Hi Stefan,

I have received my order of FIS-Control.
It is great and working as expected :-)
The installation was a tough task due to the cable provided was too short and thick.
It was very difficult to push the cluster back once cable attached. :-(

BTW, I have some questions. :-)
1. The firmware of the FIS-Control is 2015-06-20 version, but the latest firmware on FIS-Control website is 2015-06-08?
    What is the latest firmware version? Should I flash the 2015-06-08 version?

2. The measure view in preset function was not working as expected.
    For example, I want to show the RPM measure view with lowest/highest log, and I set the view to Measure in Preset,
    and set the control unit, group and value to the RPM value, but it shows all four value of the group I selected,
    not only the RPM value.
    Is this normal? Is it possible to show lowest/highest log of single value in measure view in preset.

3. The date set in the Log function will be reset once ignition off.
    Is it possible to get the datetime info from GPS?



Re: Question about Firmware, Measure View in Preset, Log Datetime

Hi Jeremy,

I know that for the Mk4, there is not much room behind the cluster. But normally it fits. Is it possible that your Passat cluster is thicker than the regular cluster?

About your questions:
1. The firmware that comes preinstalled from the Turbozentrum is newer than the one on my website. So you can stay with that firmware.

2. This is normal. The measurement view shows the whole measurement group (that consists of up to four parameters). I am planning to add more views to the presets.
If you want to see the lowest and highest value of a single value, you can leave the preset view and enter the MEASUREMENT instead. There you can select a single value and the press the down button to get to the max/min-view.
I know that this is too complicated right now. I will improve this as soon as I find time for that.

3. In some cars, the FIS-Control could technically read the time and date somewhere from the CAN bus. This is a thing on my todo list, but I will not add this for the Mk4.
You can set the time and date manually in the FIS-Control settings menu. The internal clock of the FIS-Control is battery buffered. When you open the FIS-Control, you see a socket for a CR1220 3V coin cell.