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Topic: Fis-Control Seat Exeo

The fis-control to the Seat Exeo is full operative or has any type of bugs.
Is posible see all parameters in the fis like audi a4 b7?

Re: Fis-Control Seat Exeo

This depends on the diagnostic protocol of the control units. The FIS-Control supports KWP1281 and KWP2000. Some control units of the Exeo are using UDS instead. The FIS-Control can not read parameters from these units.

If you have VCDS, you can check the protocol of your control units. VCDS shows this info on the upper left of the window once you are connected to the control unit:
"CAN" usually means KWP2000 over CAN (this is supported by the FIS-Control)
"UDS" is not supported

Re: Fis-Control Seat Exeo

Hi Stefan, thank for you help
I checked the Exeo´s protocol units and the engine unit used the UDS protocol sad  , the others units used the KWP1281 and KWP2000 protocol.
It´s useless to buy the fiscontrol because i dont see the engine information in the instruments display.