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Iam stil figuring out how i can setup presets using the FiS control directly in my car
Atleast at the Ross-Tech website i did digg up a list with the Group numbers etc

There is in FiS already a preset 1 present (its working perfectly), same as this picture … G_0250.png

So i just try to figure out with this Ross-Tech list what messuring is been chosen as in that same preset 1
I just cant figure it out.

So i need help, with a simple manual, how/what i need to do to get the other presets working correctly

For your info: My car is a Audi B7/8E S4 from year 2005 (4.2L V8, with a BBK motor)

I did find this configurator page
But that is also to much info at once to chose from...

Mybe a idea to add a option to select what car you want to use the config page for..
That the program then load/show ONLY the info that can be used by your selected car


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I'd really like to add such a feature. The problem is, that I don't have information about all paramaters of all control units.

If you already know, what parameters you want to display with the FIS-Control, you can ask here. Maybe someone can tell in which measurement block you can find that data.

If you have VCDS, you can browse through the measurement blocks while you are in the preset configuration of the FIS-Control. As soon as you find an interesting measurement value with VCDS, you can directly configure a preset for it.

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Thats unfortuely my problem, i do not have VCDS available.
Lucky i did find at Ross-Tech the VCDS label info for my car / motor type file name 079-910-560-BBK.LBL (4.2l @344HP - BBK/BHF) together with all the measuring blocks (with explanation) that are available in my car.

For example: Mesurring block / group 134

134,0,Engine Cooling (Temperatures)
134,1,Oil Temperature
134,3,Intake Air,Temperature (G42),Range: -40.5...+135.0 °C\nSpecification (Warm): < +80.0 °C (max. +115.0 °C)
134,4,Engine Outlet,Temperature

I probely just thing to easy to setup presets in FiS..
FiS can read all the blocks / messuring that are available in the car (same as VCDS can read)
But i asume it can only read one group at a time..

So if i want to see the timing on all my Cylinders i have to setup 2 presets for read group 020 and group 021 ??

020,0,Ignition (Timing Retardation Cylinder 1-4)
020,1,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 1,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
020,2,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 2,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
020,3,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 3,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
020,4,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 4,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW

021,0,Ignition (Timing Retardation Cylinder 5-8)
021,1,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 5,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
021,2,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 6,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
021,3,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 7,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW
021,4,Timing Retardation,Cylinder 8,Specification: 0.0...12.0 °KW

** other question i have is those pictograms shown at the preset 1 list
1 = speed in km/h
2 = idle / rpm in 1/min
3 = water temp
4 = oil temp
5 = fuel in the tank available
6 = ???
7 = air intake temp
8 = crank chaft torque ???

in the 079-910-560-BBK.LBL file i do not see a single block that has all the shown mesurments in it..
or CAN FiS "read" / show more then one group at the same time.. ?

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The FIS-Control can only read one group at a time.
That is actually not a limitation of the FIS-Control but of the OBD protocol. The only way to "solve" it is to read the groups of interest on a rotating basis. But this will slow down the refresh rate of each group accordingly. Reading two groups will half the speed.

The parameters of the "overview preset" are not read via OBD but are available on the CAN bus. That's why the FIS-Control can show them all at once. Only the value 6 (boost pressure) comes over OBD, but boost is not relevant for the 4.2 V8.
Value 8 is torque. I expect that the torque value is only a calculated value, so don't rely on it too much.

Re: FiS presets configure

jebege wrote:

Thats unfortuely my problem, i do not have VCDS available.

Im using normal VCDS but when looking in the manual the FIS Control should work as interface for VCDS light software you just need to download
Connect to Serial or Bluetooth via the FIS Control

I had the same issue and I ended up just going through all the groups with VCDS/VCDS Light and writing it down manually.
Then I used the configurator and uploaded the file to the FIS Control

Took the car for a drive and made some fine tuning on scales and upper /lower limit and when I was happy I downloaded the file from the FID Control as a backup

In all my presets I only read 01-Engine but if you want to read something else in your setup I suggest you put them in order like this:
1: Engine 01
2: Engine 01
3: Engine 01
4: Engine 01
5: Other 03
6: Other 03
7: Other 03
8: Other 17
9: Other 17

If you mix them FIS Control will have to disconnect first and then connect to new CU when you change between presets so keeping the same CU next to it self will give you a better experience when browsing your presets

Regards, Michael

Golf IV TDI AHF 07/1999 - FIS Control 2.x - FW: 04.10.2015

Re: FiS presets configure

Bucher wrote:

Im using normal VCDS but when looking in the manual the FIS Control should work as interface for VCDS light software you just need to download
Connect to Serial or Bluetooth via the FIS Control

VCDS-Lite will only work with the serial RS-232 port of the FIS-Control, not via Bluetooth.