Topic: New FW

Hi Stefan, I have just seen that the new FW allows 5 tables. Since my ECU only allows me to have 8 values in the table, does this mean that after I use the new FW, I will also be restricted to 8 values in the other 4 tables?

Based on your changelog comment am I correct in understanding that there will still be only 2 screens, but the new FW will allow the 2nd screen to be switched between tables with a new "option view"?

Does the system have the capability to have more than 2 screens as an alternate method of viewing the tables?

Re: New FW


the restriction to 8 values comes from the engine control unit. Some other ECUs allow to read ten parameters at the same time. But in your car every table can only have up to 8 values.

At the moment, the FIS-Control can only show two screens. Together with the standard MMI screen of the headunit, you can browse three different views. In my opinion this is the best solution. More views would make the daily usage more difficult.

I will improve the way how to change the table for the second screen.

Re: New FW

Thanks. I'll try it out and let you know what I think.